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                                         “THE UPBEAT DANCER SHOW” was inspired by the 1960’s hit TV Show “UPBEAT”


•Upbeat was nation’s first integrated rock and roll musical variety television show


•It ran in 110 major markets for 10 years


•Upbeat aired across the United States until 1971


•The first local show to feature rock 'n' roll stars


•The careers of some of the biggest acts in the country were launched after they performed on "Upbeat".  “Upbeat” was a Talent Sensation!  Featured hundreds of acts, including:  


          •Aretha Franklin

          •The Beatles

          •Simon & Garfunkel

          •The Rolling Stones

          •B.B. King

          •Otis Redding


Singers like John Denver, Kenny Rogers, Stevie Wonder and the Temptations began their careers on "Upbeat."


Today's musical variety show "The Upbeat Dancer Show" expose's amazing talent in dance and music from around the World.  Each new season has  presented "The Upbeat Dancer Show" with a great lineup of talent. It brings a broad mix of upcoming artists and dancers as well as superstars making Saturday afternoons a time for families to sit in front of the TV together and enjoy the show.

For more information about the "Upbeat Dancer Show" or upcoming auditions contact us at (855) 7UPBEAT (787-2328) or email us at






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