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Saturday afternoon television will be exciting again. Dakota P. Productions announced  "The Upbeat Dancer Show"  premiering OCTOBER 4th, 2014 Saturday's on the  CW.  The "Upbeat Dancer Show" is a weekly half-hour dance and music entertainment show available to 5+ million viewers on The CW Saturdays. 


"The Upbeat Dancer Show is a new idea formulated from the 60's Hit TV Show "Upbeat", and it is exciting to broadcast with a successful network such as the CW. This helps us expose amazing talent in dance and music from around the World.  It has really been a work-of-art creating "The Upbeat Dancer Show" with such talented people," says Ms. Burks Gant, Producer, Dakota P. Productions. The new season presents "The Upbeat Dancer Show" with a great lineup of talent. It brings a broad mix of upcoming artists and dancers as well as superstars making Saturday afternoons a time for families to sit in front of the TV together and enjoy the show.


The show moves into the international broadcast arena to find a home and continues to search for talent worldwide to appear on the show. The global stage is set for "The Upbeat Dancer Show."


For more information about the "Upbeat Dancer Show" or upcoming auditions contact Dakota P. Productions' office at 216-650-3257 or email us at


Please visit our websites at or youtube "Upbeat Dancer Tv".



© 2014 by Dakota P. Productions. All rights reserved.


© 2014 by Dakota P. Productions. All rights reserved.